messageJapan has developed its own way. Everywhere has followed the footsteps of our predecessors. Nowadays, it can not be denied that there are a lot of regions which are behind the times. So, we play a part in passing the success we have inherited on into the future. We are glad to help your business become part of Japanese culture that is connected with the Japanese culture development.



Individual consulting

Our consulting is tailored to meet our client's unique needs. Tourism Culture improves stuff meeting. We've worked with thousands of Ryokans teaching simple strategies for selling more rooms and products. We not only provide dynamic and engaging solutions but also take a more proactive approach in order to achieve significant and sustainable increases in revenue. We support skill development with ongoing coaching Who should make contact? Businesses who want to increase revenue.

Advise/ Free Advise

Tourism Culture can provide information about industrial trends. If you want to exchange information among Ryokans, feel free to ask us. We offer it for free the first time.

・Who should make contact?

Businesses who want to know industrial trends.

Lecture of service

Tourism Culture can prepare service training materials for the employer and design training program to specific needs. Through a variety of techniques including role playing employees will learn when how and why to establish rapport with potential customers, identify customer needs. We teach and practice new skill and have turnkey system for changing behavior that creates lasting improvements in guest satisfaction. We also have position training as an investment in employees.

・Who should make contact?

Businesses who want to make the employees skill up.

Project of building marketing strategies

Tourism Culture starts with a thorough assessment and tailors the program to your needs.

・Who should make contact?

Businesses who want to reform your business style.

Mystery shopping program

Depending on your company's need, Tourism Culture will create a mystery shopping program that's right for you. Especially it is useful fot you to evaluation current employee performance.

・Who should make contact?

Businesses who want to make your position in the industry clear.


Interchange of information among Ryokans

Regularly we hold a meeting of Ryokan. We exchange information among Ryokans we have related.

・Who should make contact?

Businesses who want to make a communication with Ryokans.


Schedule & theme is irregular. Coming soon!

・Who should make contact?

Businesses who want to get the latest marketing knowhow.

Mail magazine & WeblogMail magazine & Weblog

Tourism Culture offer useful information about tourism to people regularly.

・Who should make contact?

Businesses who want to get hot information via web.

If you interested in our service please send a mail fill in an application form.
We will make a contact you by e-mail or telephone.




Contribute of development and sustainability of the tourism

1.Pride us on our tourism culture
2. Transmit our culture from generation to generation
3. Have good judgment civilization and culture



1. lays special emphasis on the situation of the actual work
2. respect tourism
3. make people be interested in tourism
4. take tourism not only in Japan but also worldwide
5. act with being enjoy, happy and smile
6. cooperate people have the same direction
7. be happy with the persons concerned
8. do work we can be proud for next generation
9. respect history
10. remain our business permanently


There are 4 reasons Tourism Culture can help you succeed and be your only partner. We identify client objectives and provide one-stop solutions by using our outside relations.

Reliable performance

・Provide solutions that we succeeded. Therefore we can bolster Ryokan's performance immediately.
・Have well-balanced perspective of Ryokan's industry.

Be familiar with the web-marketing

・We can provide the most effective solutions because of relationship with web-marketing makers.

Experience of marketing consultant

・Experience as a marketing consultant at Funai consulting co.Ltd., one of the largest consulting companies in Japan.
・Be accomplished manager's thoughts.

Be familiar with the tourism industry

・Experience of working at the largest travel agent.
・Interest and understanding of Japanese culture.



Company Name: Tourism culture laboratory co.Ltd.
President:Takafumi Otsubo

・Product Development Support
・Promotion Planning
・Market Research & Consulting

Capital:1,000,000 yen
Establishment:January 4th, 2010
Adress:Sanshin building 401, 5-2-2, Kotonoo-cho, chuo-ku, kobe city, Hyogo
TEL:(+81) 78-945-7250
FAX:(+81) 78-945-7790


Takafumi Otsubo

Upon graduation from Kanseigakuin University in Kobe, he worked as a consultant for marketing strategies at Funai consulting co.Ltd. Takafumi gained professional experience and knowledge in business relations, and opened up a his own consulting field, the improved corporate earnings of Ryokan. His strength are a promotion of web-related and shift from to direct sales. He later founded Tourism Culture laboratory co.Ltd. in January 2010, and has been involved in various problems of Ryokan.

Kyoko Ikawa

Upon graduation from Rikkyo University in Tokyo, she worked as a consultant for marketing strategies at Funai consulting co.Ltd. Kyoko gained professional experience and knowledge in business relations. She took a key role in the foundation of Tourism culture laboratory co.Ltd. and joined. She has been engaged in training of Ryokan employee as well as a marketing consultant.

It's very difficult to do consulting on the basis of innate knowledge, because each company and their clients differ in terms of situation.
We always value the needs of our clients as the first priority, and personalize our research for the company, without restraint by a rigid methodologys. Through our innovative techniques of psychological research, analysis, consulting, and respect towards our clients' goals.
Consumers are people, so research must be tailored to the individual needs of your consumer base. We focus on the purpose of your company and your individual clients, so that we may collect the best data possible.
We are a marketing consulting firm which utilizes the results of our research to direct companies onto a path of success. We design, execute, and report on our research findings after fully understanding the purpose and desires of your company. Our research techniques allow us to offer useful and comprehensive results to our clients.

our unique approach
whether a rookie or veteran sales person, this training session will help individuals.

establishing credibility and rapport within the first minute of a customer interaction overcoming issues, concerns and objections.
that is guaranteed to increase conversion rate.
how to approach clients by using web-related solutions.